Accent Medical Inc. specializes in cost effective products for the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction.

Women's health, especially the nonsurgical treatment of urinary incontinence, is becoming more popular as the successful results become known. Women are taking control of their lives and health more and more.

Featured Products:

NEW: Dr. Berman Products

Laura Berman, LCSW, PhD, is an assistant professor of psychiatry and obstetrics/gynecology at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University. >> more


StepFree Vaginal Weights:
Progressive weight system for improving muscular control. >>more



Vaginal Dilators
Will minimize shrinkage of the vagina during external treatment and following completion of irradiation forcancer of the uterus, cervix and endometruim, to minimize Fibrosis and stenosis
. >>more



News & Updates

  • PMTx awarded FDA approval for over the counter use.

  • Case Studies
    • Abstracts from: Urinary Incontinence: Steps to Evaluation, Diagnosis,
      and Treatment
    • The Role of Muscular Re-Education by Physical Therapy in the Treatment of Genuine Stress Urinary Incontinence.
    • Biofeedback: A Noninvasive Treatment for Incontinence After Radical Prostatectomy.



















Feedback & Reviews:

"I was horrified when I laughed coughed or sneezed that I would leak a small amount of urine. I have been using the PMTx for 3 months now and the problem has gone away. Thank you Colonial"

Laurie, 57

" I had a big baby 6months ago and began having trouble controlling my bladder and sex just was not the same, I bought the vaginal weights and started with the lightest and progressed to the third size and can honestly say that everything has improved!!! It's so quick and easy to use just 5 or 10 minutes in the morning when I am getting up and I am done for the day.

Sue, 32



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